We create, build & innovate concrete skateparks

Passionately developing, constructing & maintaining skateparks for our communities across WA

Who We Are

We are independent, local and professional skateboarding innovators, passionate about creating & strengthening communities in Western Australia.

Carving Concrete Skateparks deliver world-class skate facilities that enhance the sport of skateboarding in Australia through engaging, inclusive community spaces.

Combining elite skateboarding experience with construction & community development expertise gives us the unique ability to craft skateparks that are both challenging and accessible for all levels. We partner with communities to build diverse, exciting skateparks that bring people together for the love of the sport.

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What Makes Us Different?

  • Our team of highly skilled, highly passionate and experienced skateboarders sets us apart. We understand the flow paths and dynamics of skatepark construction as only experienced skaters can.
  • We aren’t a general construction company trying to do it all. We focus on what we love and what we do best: Skatepark Construction.
  • Skateboarding is our passion. We live and breathe the sport. And we are driven to deliver parks that create fun and challenging skate opportunities in Western Australia.
  • We understand the value that skateparks bring to communities, and we know what it takes to create engaging, accessible community spaces.
  • We offer distinction. As experienced skateboarders, we know what existing parks in our region have to offer, so we can help ensure your skatepark design has unique elements that will make people want to skate there.
  • We maintain & refurbish skateparks in Western Australia, specialising in the renewal of old, worn facilities so they can continue bringing value to the community.