Australind Skatepark 2017, Western Australia

The Australind project is the embodiment of building a skatepark for the community. A 10-year old local skater started the initiative by lobbying the council and, with support from the community, raising a contribution towards the build.

The community’s mission is for the Australind Skate Park “to serve as a safe, drug-free environment where local youth are encouraged to practice their sport, grow as individuals and connect with the community.” The park will enhance skateboarding opportunities in South West WA, with a design for inclusiveness and accessibility for all ages, genders, and skill levels.

Partnering with local civil contractors, JAK Civil, who are the lead contractors experienced in civil works and landscaping, we are doing what we do best — building the concrete skatepark, as well as constructing the concrete seating within the park. We are working closely with JAK CIVIL through regular site meetings and project programming to ensure all elements of the park work together and are delivered smoothly.

We are using local suppliers and engaging local tradies wherever possible to support the economy in the Shire of Harvey throughout the skatepark construction. The design features a 1.8-metre deep Bowl. Our quality management systems are in place to ensure a flawless finish for this challenging feature. So far the project is being built to schedule and within budget, with completion expected in May 2017.