Beyond Skate indoor skate park 2015, Western Australia

Beyond Skate in North Perth asked us to design and build an indoor skatepark in the bottom of their shop warehouse.

Our challenge was to work around the construction pillars and make the most of the space available. We created a flow bowl design with small transitions weaving around the edge of the building, through the centre and around the pillars.

During construction, we needed to manage dust and fumes in the confined space. We developed a customised safety management system to address these unique challenges. We installed an extraction system to remove dust and opened a panel in the wall to maximise airflow. The clean up job was especially thorough to ensure no dust was left behind for future users of the indoor skatepark park.

The skatepark was constructed on time and in budget, while the shop upstairs continued to operate. The park is open to Beyond Skate customers and the general public.