Kellerberrin Skatepark 2017, Western Australia

Kellerberrin Skatepark forms part of a regional hub for youth in the Shire of Kellerberrin and the Wheatbelt Region of Western Australia. The centrally located park is designed to be suitable for beginner to advanced level skateboarders, providing opportunities for all to experience the sport.

The shire wanted to create an inclusive space for the whole family, and hoped to include a nature playground next to the skatepark, on limited government and grant funding. We worked closely with the shire to fine-tune the design to provide the best value, leaving sufficient funding for a Nature Playground to be built.

Time was a challenge on this project because work needed to be completed before the Shire’s grant funding expired. Works took place through the beginning of January, which is typically a shutdown period for the construction industry. Our dedicated staff and suppliers worked through the blazing midsummer heat in Kellerberrin, to deliver to the tight deadline, reaching practical completion one week early.