Skatepark construction specialists in Western Australia

Choosing a skatepark specialist ensures your facility is built with the skateboarder’s experience in mind. Our expertise in skatepark construction ensures communities get the best value for their investment. We often find elements of a skatepark design that can be optimised while the build is in-progress to ensure the park is safe, accessible, and challenging for skateboarders of all levels.

Quality matters

We’ve earned a reputation for building skateparks with unparalleled finish quality. The way the concrete flows under the wheels can make or break a skateboarding experience. That’s why it’s so important to get a flush, smooth finish every time. We do what it takes to get it right. We will spend hours hand-trowelling the curves until they are perfect because we know that it will make for a better skate experience.

We are so dedicated to quality that when the right tool for the job doesn’t exist, we make it ourselves — we use our own custom handmade screeds to give a perfect finish to unique elements of your skatepark.