Designing skateparks for our communities in WA

We are passionate about working with communities to create skateparks that deliver the best value for the space, budget, and needs of the population. Whether creating a new skatepark from the ground up or bringing new life to an older park with a refurbishment or extension, we work closely with communities to deliver exceptional value and exciting, accessible skate experiences.

The design process includes Community Consultation to understand your requirements, Site Assessment & Selection to pick the right place for your skatepark, and a customised design that addresses the natural landscape, the needs of your community, and the skate elements that make your park unique from others in the local area.

Integrated spaces – Thinking outside the bowl

We see skateparks as spaces for the whole community to gather to experience the sport, be active, and enjoy time outside. This means thinking outside the traditional concrete bowl and engaging with communities to work towards integrating parks more sensitively into the natural environment. Through clever consultation with experts we can customise design to suit the landscape, bring in elements of shade, incorporate nature play, and create public art so that the skatepark becomes a space for the whole family, not just teenagers.